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About Our Geriatric Care Services in Redwood City, CA

Geriatric Care Redwood City, CA
Senior Companions at Home offers the highest level of geriatric care at the most affordable prices. We understand the senior years in everyone’s lives can be challenging. During this time, one may develop debilitating illnesses that pose problems for comfortable living. As a result of the aging process or after one has been hospitalized, it can be difficult to keep up with daily demands of life.

That’s where Senior Companions at Home steps in to help you and your family. If you are the primary caregiver for your mom or dad and you need someone to look in from time to time while you’re at work, we can do that. Or, if you have recently moved and can no longer properly look after your loved one, we can also provide our companion services on an hourly basis or even 24 hour care, 7 days a week.

24-Hour Care and 
Quick Response

Our companions offer around-the-clock services to ensure you or your loved one receives proper attention and assistance. With our 24 hour care program, we can help with light housekeeping, activities such as walking, or even ensuring you have a bit of company now and then.

We pride ourselves on our ability to relieve family stress, because often seniors may distance themselves from loved ones and become despondent. We step in to offer positivity and also proper healthcare. Our companions and registered nurses can work wonders on your quality of life.

Please call us today at (650) 817-8657 for more information.
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